We are an active workteam made of specialised collaborators to help you

develop the best solutions for your projects.


We provide a full service production from the design concept

to the final product and the delivery.


Based on drawings we offer the conception and the production of :

- giant 3-D advertising objects,

- advertising, film, video and event sets,

- advertising mock up,

- advertising displays, design furniture,

- shop windows, shop displays,

- small fair stands,

- Christmas decorations,

- wooden cabins in the trees,

- mikados and totems.





Mock Up


Giant 3-D & Stands


Shops Windows

Mikados & Totems




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GSM : 00.32.(0)475.777.357 (FR)                                          

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Office : 120, rue Emile Banningstraat                                

             B - 1050 Bruxelles / Brussel                                   


Studio / Atelier : 450, av. Paul Gilsonlaan                         

                             B - 1620 Drogenbos                                 




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